In series X, Guillaume is adopting a mournful pose in front of industrial structures and buildings. There is barely no one frequenting these unwelcoming spaces and solitude is emerging of the photographs. His pose brings the idea of introspection and distress against a backdrop that makes him look and feel powerless. He says: “One artist can feel helpless in front of the environmental issues and challenges. These photographs show the fragility and the lack of power of the isolated human being. What we see here is a form of political protest.”


In another ongoing project Drawing the line, Guillaume draws chalk-lines in the natural or built environment, sidewalks or pavements. Guillaume captures sequential series of self-portraits in action, then merges them into single pictures to document the passage from A to B. The collection of images, as a whole, brings a sense of time and memory that is part of this exploration. Moreover,Drawing the lineevokes freedom of movement, highlights crossing territories, steps and routes in the common space. 

Futura Light is a much loved font inspired by elements of Bauhaus design. Ideal for headlines, banners, logos & more, it will make your words stand out.

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